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Just Some of the Results from Only 12 Weeks...

  • Reversal of Prediabetes
  • Drastically Reduced Cholesterol
  • Weight Loss 10+ lbs
  • Decreased Blood Pressure
  • Resolved Acid Reflux
  • Decreased Joint Pain
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Mood
  • Improved Complexion
  • Improved Mental Clarity
  • Improved Sleep
  • Improved Digestion

 But Those Aren't the Only Results...

The programs promote teamwork, bonding, and creating a culture of positivity and good health. 

Every week in our coaching sessions, group members support each other, motivate each other, problem solve together, and share with each other.  Participants walk together, eat healthy meals together, and share what they are learning with their families.  All are working together toward a shared goal of improving their health.

The best part about all of this, is that the participants enjoy the experience!  This program was designed to be a positive experience with no deprivation, shame, or guilt. Every week in our group coaching sessions, we celebrate our wins together, no matter how big or small. 


80% (or more) of our Most Common Chronic Diseases are Preventable.

Our current healthcare system should truly be called our "sickcare system". Despite our skyrocketing healthcare spending, our health is not improving. This program addresses the root causes of the most common chronic diseases, and will actually help people prevent and reverse these diseases.  This is the key and only real SOLUTION to relieving this unaffordable and unsustainable burden of healthcare spending. 

Stunningly powerful, and all firmly rooted in evidence based science.

In a world where information is everywhere, yet differentiating misinformation from science is challenging, this evidence-based program empowers people to easily understand the connection between their lifestyle and diet habits with their health.  Everyone knows they should “eat healthy,” and “exercise more,” but having a clear understanding of what exactly is healthy, how to prevent disease, and how our lifestyle choices affect our physical and mental health is life changing.  This program was created by combining the science of Lifestyle Medicine, extensive and comprehensive research, and years of clinical experience.  

Covid-19 has made it clear that we need to prioritize our physical and mental health.

COVID has taken a toll on both our physical and mental health. There is a lot that we don’t yet know about COVID, but what is definitely clear, is that there are certain underlying medical conditions that predispose people to more severe illness.  Many of those conditions are preventable.  Americans are also under an unprecedented amount of stress.  There has never been a more important time to bring good health to your organization.

A Holistic Solution for Health and Wellness

Our physical health and emotional health are closely connected, and in order to optimize our health, we must look at all areas of our life. This program is comprehensive, and addresses nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, and mindset.  This all in one wellness solution will improve employee wellbeing both physically and mentally. (more...)

Easy to Access from any device at any time

Simple and hassle free platform to make utilization painless and straightforward.

Unlock Powerful Analytics to give you more insight about your team

You will have access to detailed engagement and utilization reporting, to assist you with optimizing usage and meeting your goals. 


Empower your employees with knowledge.  Teach them how they can prevent and reverse many of the most common medical conditions, and optimize their health, with the latest evidence based science, presented by an experienced physician.


Improve Morale, Foster Resilience, and Decrease Burn out with both individual and group coaching options. Help executives and employees navigate their challenges while also leveraging their strengths. 



Implement changes which help employees both personally and professionally. Witness improved employee physical and mental health, decreased absenteeism, and decreased healthcare costs. 



"A 12 Week Journey of Wellness and Weight Loss" is a Comprehensive Employee Wellness Program, Including an Online Course and Individual and Group Coaching Options.


The online course consists of 2 evidence based learning modules per week (24 modules total).  These learning modules will teach your employees the science of weight loss, how to prevent and reverse the most common medical conditions, how to optimize their physical and emotional health, and about the science of longevity.  The online course also includes 1 coaching module weekly (12 modules total).  These coaching modules will focus on the practical aspects of making these lifestyle changes, and will focus on mindset, leveraging strengths, goal setting, and more.


Along with all of this amazing content, there are ALSO individual and group coaching options. These coaching sessions will help your employees navigate their challenges, feel supported and accountable, and build strength and confidence during this amazing journey. 

By empowering your employees with knowledge, and supporting them with coaching, this program is designed to help them to Prevent and Reverse disease and Optimize their Physical and Emotional health, so that they can lead healthier and happier lives.  This will not only help them, but will help your business succeed. 

How Can These Programs Help Your Team?

Promote Healthy Weight Loss
Improve Cardiovascular Health
Prevent Daily Medications
Better Manage Stress
Prevent Diabetes and Prediabetes
Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
Improve Sleep


Change Mindset and Improve Mood

Build Well Being and Resilience in Your Organization

Your Business Awaits


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