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Empower your employees with knowledge.  Teach them how they can prevent and reverse many of the most common medical conditions, and optimize their health, with the latest evidence based science, presented by an experienced physician.


Improve Morale, Foster Resilience, and Decrease Burn out with both individual and group coaching options. Help executives and employees navigate their challenges while also leveraging their strengths. 



Implement changes which help employees both personally and professionally. Witness improved employee physical and mental health, decreased absenteeism, and decreased healthcare costs. 


2 Learning Modules Per Week for 12 Weeks including...


Cardiovascular Disease.

Why Are We Struggling With Our Weight?

Nutrition Basics

Physical Activity

High Blood Pressure



Why Most Diets Don't Work

A 14 Step Eating Plan for Weight Loss

Chronic Inflammatory Diseases


The MIcrobiome



Emotional Wellness

Our Bodies and Our Earth

High Cholesterol


Inflammation and Pain

Stress and the Stress Response

1 Coaching Module Per Week for 12 Weeks including...


Changing Mindset

Emotional Eating and Cravings

Stages of Change and Managing Relapse

Short term Pleasures vs Long term Goals

Creating Your Plan

Leveraging your Strengths

Increasing Happiness in Life

The Ripple Effect

Individual and Group Coaching Options for Executives and Employees

Along with all of this amazing content, your team will ALSO be receiving weekly 1 on 1 or group coaching support. 

When was the last time someone just listened for that long, uninterrupted, for the sole purpose of providing support?  It feels incredible. These individual or group coaching sessions will help your team navigate their challenges, feel supported and accountable, and build strength and confidence during this amazing journey. 


-Team Building Activities

-Fitness Challenges

Build Well Being and Resilience in Your Organization

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