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A Comprehensive Lifestyle Change Program for Businesses and Individuals Based on Evidenced Based Science and Coaching.


Learn why you can't lose weight, despite your best efforts.  Learn how to lose weight and reduce visceral fat and keep it off permanently. Learn how to prevent disease, decrease pain, increase energy, and add healthier and happier years to your life.


Practice self compassion. Tackle limiting beliefs. Recognize and stop emotional eating.  Feel supported and accountable, so that you can emerge strong, confident, and capable of achieving all of your goals.


Implement the changes in your life to become your best self.  Feel confident of success by using the many tools from this program.  Witness and document your amazing transformation.

Lose Weight and Decrease Your Waist Size Without Counting Calories or Dieting

As so many people know from personal experience, counting calories does not work!  And unfortunately, some of the most popular dieting programs may actually increase your risk for heart disease and strokes.

Our body weight is regulated by a complex balance of hormones, and it is when these systems are not working correctly, that we gain weight. The Head Heart Hands 14 step eating plan for weight loss and wellness aims to restore the natural balance of this system. 

This program ALSO addresses the emotional aspect of weight loss.  By tackling both the Hormonal and Emotional root causes of weight gain, this program will help you lose weight permanently, without dieting, deprivation, or shame.

Stunningly Powerful and Firmly Rooted in Evidence Based Science

In contrast to so many of the diet and wellness programs out there, this program is completely based on the latest and best SCIENCE. This holistic program was created by combining the science of Lifestyle Medicine, extensive and comprehensive research, and years of clinical experience to help you improve both your physical and mental health. 

Lifestyle Medicine focuses on the 6 most important pillars of our health to prevent, manage, and reverse disease, including: Healthy Eating, Increasing Physical Activity, Decreasing/Better Managing Stress, Improving Sleep, Prioritizing Relationships, and Minimizing Risky Substances. These are the most important factors that determine how we feel and our risk of disease.

About Me:

I'm Ritu Saluja-Sharma MD.  I am a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician, a board certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician, an Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness coach, wife and mom. 

I created Head Heart Hands to help people lose weight, prevent and reverse disease, and add healthier and happier years to their life by focusing on ROOT CAUSES.

Even though I am a doctor, in this program, I will NOT be YOUR doctor.  Instead, I will empower you with the guidance and tools that most doctors don't have time to share with their patients.  This information and these tools can transform your life.

Target Root Causes Rather Than Just Managing Symptoms

In our medical system, we don't often address root causes, and instead the focus is mostly on prescribing/managing presciptions.

Learn about the root causes of many of our most common chronic diseases, including Heart Disease, Strokes, Diabetes, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Depression, Dementia and more.  Learn directly from a physician who has extensive knowledge and experience treating patients with these serious medical conditions.

Learn how targeting  root causes (including insulin resistance, inflammation, poor gut health, poor nutritional health,  stress and more) is the key to preventing, and even sometimes reversing disease. Learn how many medications and conventional medical treatments are AVOIDABLE with just simple changes in lifestyle.

Let Your Food Heal You

We are what we eat! Learn how our food can be our most powerful medicine, and how the food we eat can PREVENT and even often REVERSE some of our most common chronic diseases. 

The 14 step eating plan for weight loss and wellness was designed to help you reverse insulin resistance, extinguish inflammation, improve your gut health, reduce oxidative stress, and optimize your nutritional health. All of the Head Heart Hands programs provide the nutrition guidance, meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, and more to let your food heal you!


"This program is for anyone thinking about how to make healthier life choices and wanting to understand the science and data behind these choices."...

"It is a commitment to yourself and your future if you want to see long-term, sustained results. Dr. Saluja-Sharma has created an unparalleled, easy to follow, and effective program that yields positive results in physical, emotional, and mental well-being (the weight loss is just icing on the cake!)."

"The weekly modules are easily accessible anytime, making it convenient and flexible for a variety of schedules."...

"The coaching modules give a brief homework assignment that helps you think about ways to apply the information to your daily life."

"Dr. Ritu Saluja-Sharma’s program is INCREDIBLE!" ...

"She has taken her knowledge, training, experience, and expertise as a double board-certified emergency room physician and lifestyle medicine specialist to create modules that guide and empower her clients each step of the way. Her recommendations are based on peer-reviewed articles in highly regarded scientific and medical journals, not just the latest fad diet. She has done the work …researching hundreds of books, journal articles, and clinical trials to bring her clients the most scientifically based, relevant, and useful data. She then gives easily understandable instructions on how to apply this information in a practical way."

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Prevent Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes

Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Reduce Inflammation, Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain

Reduce Stress

Change Mindset and Improve Mood

Improve Sleep


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