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A Comprehensive Lifestyle Change Program for Businesses and Individuals Based on Evidenced Based Science and Coaching.


Learn why you can't lose weight, despite your best efforts.  Learn how to actually lose the weight and keep it off permanently. Learn how to prevent disease, decrease pain, increase energy, and add healthier and happier years to your life.


Practice self compassion. Tackle limiting beliefs. Recognize and stop emotional eating.  Feel supported and accountable, so that you can emerge strong, confident, and capable of achieving all of your goals.


Implement the changes in your life to become your best self.  Feel self assured of success by using the many tools from this program.  Witness and document your amazing transformation.

Boost Your Energy and Look and Feel Radiant 

Our skin cells are replaced every 39 days, and our red blood cells are replaced every 120 days. The lifestyle choices we make today will have an immediate effect on our energy level, our skin, and both our physical and emotional well being. Life is precious. You are precious. Treat yourself accordingly.

Increase Lifespan while Improving Your Quality of Life 

Because of Western Medicine, our life expectancy is longer than it used to be.  But what about our quality of life?  So many people spend the second half of their lives sick.

Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life, free of sickness and disease. The choices we make now will have an immediate effect on how we look and feel, but these same choices will also determine our future.  Our goal is not to just get by.  We want to thrive.

Lose Weight and Decrease Your Waist Size 

As so many people know from personal experience, counting calories does not work!  And unfortunately, some of the most popular dieting programs may actually increase your risk for heart disease and strokes.

Our body weight is regulated by a complex balance of hormones, and it is when these systems are not working correctly, that we gain weight. The 14 step eating plan for weight loss is based on science and human physiology, and aims to restore the natural balance of this system.  But this program ALSO addresses the emotional aspect of weight loss.  By tackling both the Biological and Emotional root causes, this program will not only promote weight loss, but also create wellness. 

About Me:

I'm Ritu Saluja-Sharma MD.  I am a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician, a board certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician, an Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness coach, wife and mom. 

My dream is to create a program where people can make real and lasting change.  Rather than just treating disease, I want to address the root causes of disease, and help people achieve their best health and true wellness.

Even though I am a doctor, in this program, I will NOT be YOUR doctor.  Instead, I will empower you with the information and tools that most doctors don't have time to share with their patients.  This information and these tools can transform your life.


"This program is for anyone thinking about how to make healthier life choices and wanting to understand the science and data behind these choices."...

"It is a commitment to yourself and your future if you want to see long-term, sustained results. Dr. Saluja-Sharma has created an unparalleled, easy to follow, and effective program that yields positive results in physical, emotional, and mental well-being (the weight loss is just icing on the cake!)."

"The weekly modules are easily accessible anytime, making it convenient and flexible for a variety of schedules."...

"The coaching modules give a brief homework assignment that helps you think about ways to apply the information to your daily life."

"Dr. Ritu Saluja-Sharma’s program is INCREDIBLE!" ...

"She has taken her knowledge, training, experience, and expertise as a double board-certified emergency room physician and lifestyle medicine specialist to create modules that guide and empower her clients each step of the way. Her recommendations are based on peer-reviewed articles in highly regarded scientific and medical journals, not just the latest fad diet. She has done the work …researching hundreds of books, journal articles, and clinical trials to bring her clients the most scientifically based, relevant, and useful data. She then gives easily understandable instructions on how to apply this information in a practical way."

Choose Wellness over Sickness 

 Learn the Science behind the most common causes of illness and death, including Heart Disease, Strokes, Diabetes, Cancer, Dementia and more.  Learn directly from a physician who has extensive knowledge and experience treating sick people with these serious medical conditions.

Learn how LIFESTYLE is the Root Cause of many of these problems, and the key to wellness. Learn how many medications and conventional medical treatments are AVOIDABLE with just simple changes in lifestyle.

Let Your Food Heal You

We are what we eat. Learn about how our food choices can PREVENT the most common causes of illness and death. Learn the basics of nutrition and why most diets don't work.  Learn what to eat, in order to achieve lasting Wellness and Weight Loss.  

How Healthy Are Your Habits?

Find out how much your lifestyle is promoting or harming your health

The 3 Foundations of this Program

Food and Nutrition

Learn how eating good food can heal you. The 14 step comprehensive eating plan for wellness and weight loss is based on the science of nutrition and the latest dietary research. Learn what foods to avoid, in order to prevent illness. Learn what foods to eat and recipes to help you thrive. 

Physical Activity

Work together with your personal coach to create a customized exercise plan. Feel supported,  encouraged and accountable so that you can reach your goals. Build stamina and strength, and boost your metabolism, in order to lose weight and feel your best.

Emotional Wellness

Learn how the body and mind are interconnected, and how we need to focus on both in order to become our best self. Learn how to change our mindset, so that we can achieve all of our goals. Learn how to decrease our stress and increase our happiness, to make life most worth living.  

True Listening and Educating

Unfortunately, in our current medical system, physicians are often pressured for time, and it is not always possible to actually spend enough time with our patients to truly address these complex topics.  For many primary care doctors, the average patient encounter is 13 minutes. This is not enough time to listen, educate, and develop a detailed plan to address to the root of the problem.  Unfortunately, often, the only other solution is to write a prescription. 

In latin, doctor means “teacher.” In this 12 week program, during the 24 modules, my goal is to empower you with knowledge.  This is the information that most doctors do not have time to explain in an office visit. Once you process this information, you can decide how you want to implement this powerful information into your life.

Practical and Easy to Use Tools to Help You Succeed:

In order to help you succeed, I will make everything as easy as possible for you.  As part of this program, I will be providing meal ideas, recipes, and grocery lists to help you.  The meals ideas are fast and easy, for the whole family (you don't have to be bothered to cook separate meals for everyone!), and are delicious examples of what to eat to achieve wellness and weight loss. 

I will also be providing tools to help with your physical activity goals, emotional wellness, and mindset.  My goal is to make your life easier, and to help you with every step of this process.


A HOLISTIC approach to True WELLNESS

In order to truly become your BEST SELF,  we must look at all aspects of your life.  Learn about how Physical Health, Emotional Health, Stress, Relationships, and Sleep are all interconnected. 


Head Heart Hands Holistic Weight Loss & Wellness is not a medical professional service provider, and this website and program is for informational purposes only.  Head Heart Hands Holistic Wellness & Weight Loss does not provide medical services, and does not provide medical advice.  Viewing this site, receipt of information contained on this site or in this program, or the transmission of information from or to this site does not constitute a patient-physician relationship. The information obtained from this program or this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of something you have read on this website, or learned from this program.

What Could This Change in Lifestyle Do for You?

Promote Healthy Weight Loss

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Prevent Medications

Prevent Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes

Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Reduce Inflammation, Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain

Reduce Stress

Change Mindset and Improve Mood

Improve Sleep

Become your Best Self

Start the Journey of Empowerment and Self Discovery to Achieve True Wellness and Weight Loss

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